HNSUITE MOD(Manufacturing-on-Demand) is a Philippine digital platform for local manufacturers of various arrays of products for personalize creation, hyper-custumization of products and digitazation of transactions.

Here BUYER and SELLER meet with trust and virtually fast than ordinary mode of transactions.


  • Buyer and Seller verifications
  • Gamification
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong Community
  • Monitored by Industry Experts
  • Trusted members

On-Demand Manufacturing – An Overview:
On-demand manufacturing is a flexible model that allows the end user to order the exact quantity of parts they need, precisely when they need them. Unlike traditional manufacturing models which typically require the purchaser to order more parts than they would need, on-demand manufacturing offers a much more tailored solution. It also facilitates shorter lead times, meaning that less foresight is needed and last-minute deadlines can be met.

On-demand manufacturing is gaining prominence due to advancements within plant, machinery and software, as well as the surge in popularity surrounding additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing has long been credited with eliminating tooling costs and lowering lead times, making it ideal for prototyping and short production runs. That’s not to say that on-demand manufacturing is limited to additive manufacturing – in fact, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for a range of engineering processes such as machining, laser cutting and injection moulding.

How Can On-Demand Manufacturing Be Used?

There are a variety of potential applications for on-demand manufacturing. Time-sensitive projects will benefit greatly from the reduced lead times that on-demand manufacturing offers, making it an ideal solution to tackle unforeseen circumstances – for instance, to produce spare parts to fix a machinery breakdown. It can also be used within the prototyping and development stages of a project, with the associated fast turnaround often meaning that a product can be tested and brought to market sooner than through the use of a traditional manufacturing model. On-demand manufacturing can also be utilized for the production of larger batches, whilst cutting out the need for inventories and warehouse space.